Typescript 3.0 Released by Microsoft, Checkout what’s new!

Typescript 3 : W3Radar
Microsoft recently released Typescript 3.0 with several improvements. It’s a new milestone in the journey of Typescript and Javascript. Don’t worry if you still don’t know what Typescript is. It’s still not too late for you. As per typescriptlang.org,
"Typescript is a typed superset of Javascript that compiles to plain Javascript".
We can write a separate article on this single line but let’s keep it for some other day. To sum it up, TypeScript is an extension of JavaScript that aims to bring static types to modern JavaScript. The TypeScript compiler reads in TypeScript code, which has things like type declarations and type annotations and emits clean readable JavaScript with those constructs transformed and removed. That code written in Typescript can be run in any browser, any host, any Operation System, including environments like Node.js.
The new TypeScript 3.0 release brings along a lot of vital improvements and few breaking changes. To start with, it comes with a scalable and flexible way to structure your projects. The new version comes with support for operating on parameter lists by allowing rest of the parameters to be generic and inferring those generics as tuple types.
Some of the key improvements included with 3.0 release are as follows:
You can check out the completed release notes from Microsoft by clicking here.

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